Growing number of young men not working at all
by godfather
 Growing number of young men not working
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Why is there a growing number of young men from 19-42 years of age not working today? There is no excuse period. If they are single and live at home doing nothing, while the parents are working, paying the bills, cooking for them, doing laundry,etc., that is no way to live.

If they are married with a child, but the wife goes to work, and the husband stays home without a huge amount of a savings account, disaster financially is coming like a freight train.

Some men worked for 25 years put money aside and then the wife goes to work while he enjoys being the stay home Mom. That is okay however, you can not exist without a job, steady income to take care of your bare necessities like food, medical bills, clothes, cell phone, internet, etc.

Look at this bare minimum of expenses needed today to get by.

MONEY WISE-What a single man or newly married man needs per day to exist. Very low Minimum.................

1)      $10 dollars per day for food.

2)      If married $20 dollars per day for food

3)      Cell phone bill, electric bill, car insurance, gas, maintenance, cable bill, medical bills, approximately yearly $1200 dollars or daily breakdown of $3.30 cents per day.

4)      Clothing, shoes,sneakers etc. yearly $500 dollars or per day $1.50 per day.

5)       Rent if applied of $1,000-$1500 monthly using minimum equals $33.00 per day

6)      Not including vacations/trips in this formula, or baby food. Add a dog means more money per day. (food,treats)

So if you are single live at home  you need a minimum of $15.00 dollars per day.

SINGLE   *7 days a week=$105.00      * Monthly  $450.00 dollars just getting by.

Married, paying rent, =$58.00 per day, weekly $406.00 or *Monthly $1,740.00 just getting by.

 CONCLUSION: If you are not working and earning money every week you are not becoming a mature independent adult to face future responsibilities. You also are not building up your Social Security Amounts to collect in later years.

If you are in early 20's and now early 30's and still in that same position, NOT WORKING, this is a big red flag. If you start entering your forties, and still not working, you are now being put in a very bad future financial position. People need to wake up. You can not do anything without money. And your not being realistic at all. If you have a child or two you are headed for a financial disaster, breakdown, and worse.

You can never rent an apartment without a job. You can never buy a house without a job.

Final Note* If you know of anyone like this tell them to wake up!

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February 26, 2018
Some cases are worse than others. There are real lazy people out there. I can count the times the lady across the street shoveled snow this past winter, but her son rarely. I always see her with the groceries carrying many bags but not her son.

There has to be other reasons why this is happening. Part of the problem is that these kids, young men really have never grown up. They are stuck in a time warp somewhere. Men in their 30's or 40's getting ten dollars or twenty dollars from their mother and father is so sad to even talk about. These people will end up homeless one day sad but true. Very Sad.