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We fit patients for custom foot orthotics. Custom foot orthotics are superior to what we all see in the drugstore or online because they are made specifically for your individual foot. Yes, there are common foot pathologies that which certain orthotic types may be beneficial for. But having an orthotic that is produced based on a 3-D image or a mold of your foot is far superior to any store bought insert.

Orthotics act to balance your feet and legs while controlling your foot while walking and standing. We modify the orthotics to correct deformities as well as to control the foot and prevent motions that cause pain.

Most people try the over-the-counter versions of orthotics first, but often end up needing a more customized approach to get lasting relief. A good podiatry doctor does a full biomechanic evaluation to determine the type of orthotics that will work best for your individual symptoms. Biomechanics is a science that studies how your body moves during walking, running, and sports activities and is an integral component of a good sports medicine podiatric exam.

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